Marisa Morán Jahn

Recipes for an Encounter

A book exploring the anticipatory nature of recipes, instructionals, blueprints, and diagrams. Edited by Marisa Jahn, Berin Golonu, Candice Hopkins


Recipes for an Encounter

is a book of instructionals, architectural diagrams, and codes that explore the anticipatory nature of recipes together with their promise of what will unfold, take place, be consumed. The act of writing a recipe always occurs as a deliberate pause, temporally displaced from its moment of realization. Consider, for example, computer viruses whose execution might result in a technological disaster; architectural plans for the creation of a utopian city; instructions for a Molotov Cocktail; or preparatory directions for the antidote to a life-threatening poison. Each of these are written with the intent of preserving the past or changing the future. The recipes themselves are written either in the moment preceding or succeeding the act they describe.

[Recipes for an Encounter] is like Guy Debord masquerading as Julia Child, or vice versa; its friendly instructions undermine elitist tropes, embracing the occurrence of a happy accident while maintaining a healthy distrust of empty gestures.
— Dena Beard, Art Practical, 2010


Marisa Jahn, Berin Golonu, Candice Hopkins.


Lisa Anne Auerbach, Adrian Blackwell, Center for Tactical Magic, Max Goldfarb. Karen Hakobian, Janice Kerbel, LIGNA< Jaime O’Shea, Kristina Podesva & Alan McConchie, Vahida Ramujkic, Francisco J. Ricard, The Shakers of Enfield, Noa Treister, Matt Volla, Sharif Waked, Molly Keogh.

2009 | ISBN : 978-0-920974-47-6 | BUY at Printed Matter (NYC) or Art Metropole (Toronto) or download the free PDF.


Obviating Encounters

Featured in the book, Janice Kerbel’s Bank Job provides step-by-step instructions on the perfect bank heist — obviated through the very act of publishing itself.


Designing Encounters

In keeping with the book's inquiry into the promissory and regenerative nature of instructionals, Recipes for an Encounter concludes with directions on how to blow up the book itself by lacing its pages with flowers of sulpher, saltpeter, and charcoal. The result: an energetic recombination of words! A new book of irregular dimensions in seven seconds!

Book Launches

  • VANCOUVER (1/26/2010): READ BOOKSTORE AT EMILY CARR: Berin Golonu, Candice Hopkins, Marisa Jahn, Glenn Lewis, Kristina Podesva & Alan McConchie

  • SAN FRANCISCO (1/28/2010): SOUTHERN EXPOSURE: Center for Tactical Magic, Berin Golonu, Candice Hopkins, Marisa Jahn, Matt Volla, Jerome Waag

  • SAN FRANCISCO (1/30/2010): STUDIO FOR URBAN PROJECTS: Larry Bogad, Amy Franceschini, Michael Swaine, and Marisa Jahn

  • TORONTO (3/11/10) EXTRA-CURRICULAR: BETWEEN ART & PEDAGOGY 2, JMB GALLERY + TORONTO FREE GALLERY: Adrian Blackwell, Dave Dyment, Berin Golonu, Marisa Jahn, Candice Hopkins, Kristina Lee Podesva, and Alex Snukal

  • NEW YORK CITY (3/13/2010): EFA PROJECT SPACE: Berin Golonu, Marisa Jahn, Karen Hakobian, Candice Hopkins with live music by Ferrum Virgo (Tianna Kennedy and Hannah Marcus)