Marisa Morán Jahn





ArtForum’s Alex Fialho: “[Jahn combines] art and advocacy within and beyond gallery walls, exemplifying the possibilities of art as social practice.”


The New York Times: “[The CareForce One] film series documents a family road trip from New York to Miami, during which a mother, her son and their friends join housekeepers, nannies, caregivers and other workers along the route to explore how immigration and racial discrimination affect those jobs.”


Hyperallergic': “CareForce One Travelogues focuses on an American experience that’s not often in the foreground of popular culture: caregiving.”’s Gabriela Resto-Montero: “‘CareForce One Travelogues’ draws new connections between women’s work, race, and class.”


The New York Times’ Annie Correal: “[The] NannyVan aims to teach domestic workers about their rights…”


Hyperallergic: [The NannyVan is a] ”gussied-up superhero ride” and “a working diagram for other artists with a social practice to follow and build upon.”


CNN names Domestic Worker App as “one of 5 apps to change the world”


MIT Cast: “Jahn is interested in artistic interventions in non-art contexts, which is the subject of her book Byproduct. Her art is a form of serious play that demonstrates the value of injecting creative thinking into the the bloodstream of workaday culture. She introduces a trickster-like humor into public spaces and discourses, and yet it is a humor edged with political potency.”


Kamal Sinclair for Immerse News: A book authored by artist and educator Marisa Jahn, Byproduct (2010, YYZBooks), outlines “a robust culture of artist residencies and fellowships embedded in science and technology institutions in the mid-twentieth century. She noted that despite the resurgence of embedded residencies today, the history is under-chronicled, which can lead to organizations wasting cycles by reinventing the wheel.”


GOOD Magazine describes New Day New Standard as “a new public art project [..] using humor as a vehicle to educate workers, their bosses, and the public about the New York Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights…New Day New Standard turns the idea of an information hotline on its headset."


BBC Latino describes the power of New Day New Standard: "La novedad es lo que se escucha al otro lado de la línea: episodios con formato de talk show radial y en clave de humor, pensados para volver ‘digerible’ la letra dura de la regulación neoyorquina.”


After Jahn’s presentation at Obama’s White House, Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park, calls New Day New Standard "super cool.“


Fast Company calls Contratados “a storytelling tool …which helps protect migrant workers from fraud and abuse.”


The Nation’s Michelle Chen notes, “Contratados is a project that "meshes worker solidarity with digital technology in a user-friendly format—part pocket-sized know-your-rights training, part Yelp—with the the street-level sensibility of the workers’ centers that aid migrant workers on the ground in their communities.”


ArtForum’s Chloë Rossetti on Bibliobandido: "Now there are eighteen participating villages and five hundred kids involved in this whole charade.”


Joseph del Pesco in ArtPulse: “…disrupting conventions is built into [Jahn’s] politics […] and attitude toward cultural production.”


Dena Beard in Art Practical: “[Recipes for an Encounter] is like Guy Debord masquerading as Julia Child, or vice versa; its friendly instructions undermine elitist tropes, embracing the occurrence of a happy accident while maintaining a healthy distrust of empty gestures.”

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